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class 4 the other three senses – draft prototype

We are moving forward on the road of digitalization, fast and not looking back. It seems like everything has to be able to shared online through social media to prove its value. If you didn’t take a selfie with Mona Lisa and share on instagram, then you have not visited the Louvre. Audio and visual senses become the only carrier.

I read Kenya Hara’s book Designing Design a few year ago. One of the projects inside the book is Haptic.  It was very interesting and provoked me to think more about other senses apart from vision and hearing.

My proposal is a artwork that cannot be shared on social media.

It is an experience of touching, smelling and tasting(maybe).

  • Each participant found a smell that tied to one of his/her dearest memory.
  • Transfer the scent on a part of his/her body
  • Have other participant touch that body to transfer the scent onto their hands
  • smell other people’s memory