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class 3 investigate fluxus

  • What is Fluxus?
    Fluxus is an radical and experimental art movement that consist  an international and interdisciplinary group of artists, composers, designers and poets that took shape in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Who started it?
    Composer John Cage explored the concept of Fluxus in his experimental music.  Artist George Manciunas was a founding member and the central coordinator of Fluxus.

  • Where’s the name from?
    Lithuanian-born George Maciunas coined the name Fluxus for art produced by a range of artists with a shared sensibility as an attempt to ‘fuse… cultural, social, & political revolutionaries into [a] united front and action’.

  • Art work by Ay-O
    Fluxus encouraged a “do-it-yourself” aesthetic, and valued simplicity over complexity.

Playing upon the subject’s irresistible desire to “touch,” Ay-O’s box features a finger-sized hole with various hidden materials placed inside (different in each, like nylon stocking, rubber or nails) to challenge tactile perception.1

                        Ay-O. Finger Box from Fluxkit. 1965, Fluxus Edition announced 1964

The artist’s intent, by including things such as nails, which can potentially prick the finger, in the possible contents of the box is to ensure that the user touches the box with an “enquiring, learning gesture”. The finger boxes are also intended to be touched by multiple people at a time, promoting a shared, social, experience of perceiving the work.2