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pcom final: week two

Play test feedback

  1. icm add on doesn’t make sense
  2. can’t see when hands hover over
  3. how “sprouts” feel when touch is important to provide feeling of intimacy
  4. movement: grows slowly, disappear fast
  5. different shape of holes
  6. initial landscape to represent the “outside”


A recent personal experience inspired me to create a installation that represents a secret place inside everyone’s heart. It is a rich and vibrant place but it is difficult for other people to enter. we feel safe and comfortable in this secret world but it is not entirely positive because shadows and darkness do exist. However, it is possible to glimpse parts of one’s inside world if you spent a little more time and love.

Material and texture inspiration

material_boardcredit: quayola,, polytopes by xenakis and le corbusier

Presentation platform