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servo mounting

I approach this week’s assignment as a physical study of p-com midterm project, which is a study of my final project.This week I basically developed my design concept for the final, cleared my approach to the idea and sort out my initial design plan.  It is a little unfair to this class because I put more thoughts into design idea developing and less on the actual implement of physical parts. However, although concept might come first during my usual design process, I do think concept and physical implication goes hand in hand through the entire process.  Below is a part of my sketches of p-com mid term details.


It’s hard explain the physical assemblies clearly without explaining the design concept, but  since it is not related here, I will leave most of it out. I choose to work with this off the shelf metal container with cork lid.


I insert a cut cork bottom into the container to provide a softer screwable plate. The cork is a nice metal to manipulate, but I have a feeling it is not going to be strong enough for what I’m going to do.  Both servo and arduino board are screwed in place.  Once I settle down with the composition of the gears, I will laser cut a thin layer of plywood with everything screw position etched in place.




Right now everything is held in place with tiny metal needles for the purpose of easy re-composition. I will need to compose several more iterations of each three scenarios (showing in sketch). The one I’m showing here is one example of the x-axial movement and idea of horizontal layering.

img_4700 img_4702 img_4701

Obviously the gears will be pinned more securely in place, but I think the above images demonstrate well of what I want to achieve.

For action please check out p-com mid term coming in a week.