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concrete and wood

I  had an idea of making a enclosure that would host my final project for p-com, so I did some brain storming. fullsizerender

I bought some plywood for the mold, and thought this is going to be a brilliant idea, until I started to stress out about the gluing the angle right, the wobbly wood panel, the leaking potential, not being able to put the mold out… Following my original plan, the risk is too high. The stress of not being able to finish on time is building up.




Re-gluing after breaking the mold during sanding.


When I saw the this image during waiting for the glue to be dry, I thought THIS IS SO BRILLIANT! By flipping the mold upside down is much more secure and lower leaking risk.


This is the mold I came up with:



Before pouring, I made sure it is not leaking and greasy enough.

img_4644 img_4634


I thought pouring is not too hard and I have done plaster before. I was wrong… This is really a two people’s job. Because it was fast set cement and I was not fast enough, the result is an uneven surface.


Two days later Ben helped me to open the four outside wall using chisel and hemmer. Because I Vaseline and sealed pretty well, the process was not as hard as I thought. However, Ben did suggest to screw mold pieces next time. I strongly agree!



We discovered that the concrete was still a little damp so we waited another five days to try to break the inside mold.


img_4704The bad news is the bottom piece of mold inside permanently stuck there and the bottom did not turn out as smooth and flat as I imagined. As a result, I cannot make what I original planed happen, which is a metal tube attached on a wooden stand to secure in place.


I have made a mold that is half size of this one. Taking what I learned from this exercise, I hope the next one turns out great.

Updates 11/09/2016:

Almost one month later the concrete reaches it’s max strength and the last piece of wood finally pops out. I will only need to leave it for a few more days to ensure the curing process completes, and it will be ready to host my P-com final!


Updates 11/16/2016:

I lost it…



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  1. Ben Light Ben Light October 11, 2016

    Curious to see where this goes.

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