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sk-ii aura essence light

Nowadays because of more intense competition, internet reviews and pickier costumers, makeup and beauty companies put a lot of effort not only into the actual products, but also the packagings, especially for high end luxury products. For years, I have been doing makeup for friends’ photoshoots as a hobby. As a result, I have collected tons of products and used up many. It is such a waste to simply through the empty bottles away, but I never knew what to do with them.1512616_10152279478972807_1955141093141711818_n

For this weeks assignment, I thought it would be fun to transfer one of my empty packaging collections into a device enclosure. The container I have chosen used to hold face essence by a Japanese luxury beauty company called SK-II. This product has a interesting name – cellumination aura essence. To reflect the name (and probably what it’s supposed to make your skin to be), the bottle is made of transparent glass coated with iridescent shim, capped with a metallic plastic and a snow white rubber droplet. I dissembled it into four parts.

fullsizerender img_4585

The rubber top is perfect for a toggle switch and I would be able turn it into a nice nightlight stand, if everything worked perfectly together…


The reality is I couldn’t find a toggle switch that small:


Fortunately, a droplet rubber head can be not only wiggled sideways but also squished. Hence the Plan B:



It truly lived up to its name now:





  1. Ben Light Ben Light October 4, 2016

    I’m glad that not finding a proper toggle switch didn’t hold you up. Nice use of a ready made bottle with an interesting squeeze bulb. I like that almost all of the electronics are hidden by the cap.

    You might want to frost the inside of the bottle so you can diffuse the light better. You can use a paint like this:

    • miaotian miaotian October 4, 2016

      Frost is a great idea! Thank you!

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