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elephants in the air

I have used laser cutter for several years in architecture school but never cut leather before, so I decided to try leather this time. Meanwhile, a friend of mine is expecting a baby soon, and I have been thinking about giving her something unique for a while. This elephant mobile came in mind when I saw a cute baby elephant video on facebook.


I made the following file in illustrator:


…and tested on cardboard:




I used a 1/16″ grey colored leather for the elephant. Although, I input the settings according to our chart, it still took me two runs to cut through. While I’m happy with the cute appearance, the smell is overwhelming…





The bad smell from burnt leather never went away after weeks. As a result I cannot give them to my friend as a baby’s toy. I might find a place for them in a future project.

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  1. Ben Light Ben Light September 26, 2016

    Good job. I so glad you tried leather. Where did you get it?
    If you are going to hang them as a mobile, you might want to add a hole to the back of your elephants in the Illustrator file.
    Yes, the smell of laser cut leather is terrible.

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