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one, two, three, four, five…

I made two of my step stool in a local professional wood shop, where the wood was properly flattened and treated with a jointer and a planer before anything else. However, we don’t have these machines at school so I had to work with what we have.


I think for this project it is more efficient to have a systematic process. Stopper is essential! I can just chop on without worrying about measuring every time. To make sure the parts are more accurate, I clamp them and sand down to level.

I guess the frustration never stops with wood working projects especially furnitures. The reason is that no matter how good your tools are, it is still impossible to get the measurement perfectly accurate. This time, with less tool for precise work, my frustration level went a little higher than normal…




For the entire project, I focus on finish one task at a time until assembly in order to speed up the process. However, the downside is many problem wouldn’t be realized until  assembly. For the last three tools I made at school, I drill the pocket hole a little to deep which caused some splitting when screwing.


No matter what, a step stool is a step stool. As long as it does what it is made for, it is a good step stool. Plus, other family member may discover different uses out of it.